Advertisements are an important part of the current world. Be it the television or the internet the consumers need to have something different in the recent world. The revolution is been brought by young men like Leo Premutico who see creativity all around the world. Making an ad company from the scratch is known by him to its best. The Adidas Originals Ad was a rage as soon as it was launched in the world. It gained several views on YouTube and the duo’s company Johannes Leonardo came into the limelight. They didn’t stop at there as they have created several other successful campaigns for Vroom, CocaCola, PlayStation and much more.

Who is Leo Premutico?

When you have a look at Leo Premutico, he looks like a happy go lucky guy. No one will guess that he is a mastermind behind an ad-agency such as Johannes Leonardo. Both Jan and him worked in the Saatchi and Saatchi company which gave them their way of creating something different. Leo was just 28 when he joined that company. By 29, he had worked with Jan to co-found Johannes Leonardo which was their ticket to success. They as a team is known mainly for the uniqueness and creativity of their ads. Creativity has also included him as one of the 50 most influential creative people.

What is his key to success?

Leo Premutico states that he was quite amused to be a part of the advertising agency at such a young age. He says that hard work and creativity have made him climb the ladder. He treats every campaign as equal and works on it diligently. He has also employed people who are happy to remain with the company and work creatively. So, this man is an important influencer for people who dream to soar high on their creative ideas.