Teak is considered as the most strong, durable and hard among the hardwoods. It has history of longevity, that’s the reason it has been one of the popular choice as teak garden furniture. Buying outdoor furniture is one time investment, so you have to make sure that the material you are opting for lasts long. So here are the reasons why you should go for teak patio furniture:

teak garden bench

  1. Water resistant property: teak usually has its own natural oil which doesn’t let water to stay on it. As a result, it is free from cracking or rotting. It can withstand all types of weather. So let it snow, rain or be extremely hot, it can easily stay outdoors without losing its strength.
  2. Low maintenance and pest repellent: even after years and years of usage, it won’t turn black and ruin. So maintenance is zero. If you want it to have the same look as new, you can use sealer once a while. Its natural oil doesn’t let any pests nearby. So your teak garden bench¬†are well protected from insects and pests.
  3. Longevity: it’s a onetime investment. It can last lifetime due to its durability.
  4. Looks beautiful as it grows old: when bought, it will have a brown color and when aged the wood becomes grey color which give an elegant look. Whatever its color may be, it’s stands out in your outdoor space. If you are not fond of the color, you can try up different methods to restore it’s original color.
  5. Never rusts: outdoor furniture such as metal benches usually rusts due to constant exposure to extreme climate. But teak retains its beauty for ages.

All these features make teak as the best choice when it comes to buying outdoor furniture.