Everyone wants to end up in a house that is clean, kept in an orderly manner and smells good. And when there are guests coming it is a mandate in order to have the best impression in the first meeting. In such scenario, hiring the tidy maids can be great help. They can save your time and make your house look clean and new. But what you can expect from these cleaning services:

the tidy maids

  1. Basic cleaning routine: most of the regular cleaning routine of any cleaning services Raleigh NC will include vacuuming of the entire house, mopping from top to bottom, dusting all the surfaces including tables or light fixtures, making beds and cleaning kitchen and bathrooms. Addition to these basic cleaning services you can also ask for deep cleaning which is taken into account as additional task and is often not included in the basic packages. There are often customized services available and the price can vary accordingly.
  2. Complimentary services: with basic routine cleaning lots of companies often provide some complementary services like cleaning of the oven or refrigerator, cabinets or furniture. But it is not always the case in every cleaning service company. Some may regard it as additional also. So make sure you confirm it before getting giving something extra to clean.
  3. Frequency: depending upon your budget and requirement, you can plan for some extra frequency cleaning. There are options such as weekly, monthly, once in two weeks and one time.
  4. Trials: lots of companies often offer you trial of one to two if you want to know how their process works. So before hiring you can ask for a trial run.
  5. No Extra charges: make sure that everything is included in the package itself and they don’t end up asking for travelling or moving charges.