Jan Jacobs created Johannes Leonardo as a co-founder in the year 2007. Mr Jacobs has a lot of talents that could surprise most of the people in his surrounding as there are lesser known extraordinary facts that are discussed underneath:

teak garden bench

  • Spaceships were the main influence behind his drawing as he learned through its copies. All this started way back in 1980 when a famous TV series named “Battlestar Galactica” streamed. After each of the episode of the series ended, Mr. Jacobs used to draw all the scenes of battles that were shown during the stream. This is what made him extraordinary and to date, an inanimate object can be drawn by him easily.
  • A Lancia Fulvia of 1960 was once abandoned by him. This is because the chassis behind the engine was broken. This led the car to hold on to a shape of V on each acceleration made; however, it was not the inside part of the car. This worsened day by day till the car died completely and freely moved down the hill till it came to a pause. This was the last time he saw it as he left the car there with the keys still inside it.
  • He received his first injection for tetanus when a man suddenly bit him on a night.
  • The language Afrikaans was what he spoke throughout his growing years.
  • Once he went on a boat ride with his girlfriend at Nias, Indonesia which lasted for around sixteen hours. The place for them to sleep on the boat was in a bow right beside the animal farm. This had a cabin that was only 4 feet in height and full of cockroaches. However, he got married to his girlfriend after a few years since this happened and now is proud parents of three kids.