Writing is an art. It is an expression of your thinking into words which can be used as a mode of communicating ideas and belief too. There can be various kinds of writing skills among which essay writing is a renowned form of it. An essay is a form of argument through words. A quality Essay writing can be done using proper rules and regulations. Essays are generally written by school children and at various other educational levels. Here are some essay helper general tips to guide you writing an impressive essay.

Essay at school level:

An essay by school children consists of short paragraphs with a message to declare. But there are some rules of it. An essay starts with a brief introduction of the topic you chose to write about. Here your focus would be on introducing the thing you are going to explain. Then it is followed by the general idea surrounding it. This is the vital portion and consists of the main argument. Lastly it ends with a general opinion and the conclusion.

Essay at higher levels:

Essays at higher levels are generally beliefs and idea put into words. They can be of assorted topics. If you go through the Examples of essay you will notice that the starting comprises of the explanation of the issue and message through it. This portion is succeeded by briefing the details of it. This portion requires a good research on the topic. If you are writing one such, make sure to use more indirect speech and emphasize less on words like “I, we or us”. Lastly, the paras continue with a brief introductions and conclusion of the topic in general.

Some instructions:

If you are thinking of introduction to an essay first and foremost thing is you should have a good research on the topic.The next prioritized thing is the use of good grammar and correct words. Proper English is a must to write an impressive essay.