Glucosmart is a weight loss supplement otherwise known as the magical pill which balances our body’s glucose level. According to dietary science, a stabilized glucose level Induces weight loss. It focuses mainly on shredding stubborn fat along with yielding other health prosperity.

What is it composed of?

Don’t you always check the ingredients of a health product or even a beauty product before actually implementing it?

According to Lorna Vanderhaeghe, the person behind this occult pill, its only significant components are Chirositol and Chromium. It is vegan friendly and also gluten free.

Chirositol is responsible for controlling glucose and reducing our food cravings.

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The magic enacted by Chirositol is inducing the production of serotonin without increasing the glucose level. Serotinin is the happy hormone .That implies; you can finally rid of the dark chocolate and don’t feel gloomy at the same time.

Pros –

  • User friendly-

The supplement is in a pill format so it does not require to be consumed along with any specific food.

  • Allergen free-

It is free from common allergens like soy milk, yeast, shellfish and dairy products.

  • Healthy living-

Apart from its effectiveness in reducing belly fat it also provides solutions for other health challenges.


  • Expensive-

The price is comparatively higher similar products of other brands. In national nutrition you can get hold of a miscellany of products according to your budget which is manufactured to produce an akin result.

  • Partial knowledge-

Apart from Chirositol and chromium not much is known about any other ingredient.

  • Infections-

Some users have claimed to suffer from gastrointestinal issues after consuming the pill.

Is it safe?

The product had gained some mixed reviews since its launch in the year 2014. Since you can’t be cent percent sure about its list of ingredients, its best to consult your physician before ingesting it.

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