Every culture has specific dress code which is usually specified by religious leaders. The customs of religion allow specific dress code to be worn on different occasions. Dresses are classified as casual, formal, and occasion-based apparels. Casual dresses are one that we wear in everyday life. Formal dresses are specifically meant for workplaces or professional purposes. Special occasion dresses refer to apparels that are designed to suit a specific occasion. Muslim women are forbidden by their religious customs to take advantages of various type of apparels because they are bound by the tradition to cover their whole body with long cloak, a robe like dress to conceal their body parts to unfamiliar males.

Popular Arabian women outfit

Abaya is a form of dress worn by Muslim females in Arabian countries. Besides, this dress is popular in North African region of the world. This dress is a form of full-length sleeveless outer garment that covers entire body except face, hands, and feet and is different from Burqa which covers face also except eyes. The dress is black in color and that’s why sometimes referred to as black abaya. There are not too many forms of this dress but there are different styles. This dress is often used as casual wear because there is no choice of colors and styles.

Special occasion open abaya

If Muslim woman has to attend a special occasion, there is no option of special occasion dress. Open abaya is a new trend that is used as special occasion dress. Women clothings always have styles so that they can be worn in different ways and this new form grants at least relief to women to use this dress for different occasions because the dress is also made in assorted colors and has expansive look. Although it is trendy, yet it’s an outfit for Muslim women and is not worn as fashion trend in any other culture.

Have a special occasion to go to, yet can’t afford a brand new outfit? We have all been there one day or another. What is great about women clothing is that it can be styled in so many different ways that can transform the way someone looks and is portrayed. If you want to make a cheap Abaya’s look like you spent a lot of time and effort on and looks like you spent a lot more than you actually did, then it is all about how you put the outfit together and carry yourself.

If you wear Abaya’s and want to create an expensive look based around this, it is just as easy to look stylish and fashionable. The way you wear the piece and accessorize it all plays a role on how your outfit looks overall.