Trampolines though safe and best way of having fun still have some bad reputation. Anyways those are some myths that people believe in. Trampolines are the best addition to your outside area; you can enjoy it with your whole family. It will grow with you. Here are some of the myths associated with trampolines:




  1. Trampolines are never safe: Trampolines are 100 percent safe and has many features with assures that even after rough uses over the time. It still doesn’t rust out or cause injuries. But its very much important to buy it from an trusted source. You can read about different trampolines in the market along with its safety features at trampolinexperten. You will know that they are even for safer than before with its safety feature as enclosures, padding or spring-less designs. Make sure your trampoline has the basic features.
  2. Trampolines can’t be used safely: Like swimming, we will have to follow certain rules which will ensure us to use the trampoline in safe manner. Make sure that untrained users don’t land up on their head. It can cause injuries. Multiple jumpers with different jumping time can cause collisions. Also make sure that the trampolines have no obstacles so as to use it safely.
  3. All trampolines are same: You can find lots of different trampolines varying on sizes and shapes. You can find two major types of trampolines: one with the springs and other spring-less. And trampolines are different for adults as well as children. So read at about the options available for you and your family.
  4. Trampolines are only for kids: Though kids are the ones that enjoy more in trampolines but it can be fun for adults too. It has been found that jumping is a good exercise. So one can easily add it to their health regime.