Massage therapy is well-known ancient healthcare practice that has been prevailing in modern world for many years with renewed efforts. Modern therapeutic massage techniques are not new but practiced in different manner. Why massage is associated with the word “therapy?” When massage is performed with an objective of some therapeutic effect on body, it is then referred to as therapeutic massage instead of simple massage. There has been lot of research work on health effects of body massage before mid-20th century, but there was slack, but research work was again resumed in 1980s. It gained popularity because of its healing effects. It is practiced in some cultures soon after birth because research studies have shown rapid weight gain in infants due to massage.

Benefits of therapeutic massage

No doubt, massage therapy has amazing results in many type of health conditions. It has produced best results in postnatal conditions by reducing certain type of complications.

Massage therapy

It reduces physical as well as mental stress and provides relaxation, tones muscle by offering flexibility, reduces anxiety, reduces chronic pain, and improves body immune system. The benefits are endless that are difficult to describe. Body massage for therapeutic purpose can reduce intake of medication through its marvelous healing, and continuation of massage in long term can even permanently cure many health conditions without any medication.

Who can perform therapeutic massage

Massage therapy is a real worthful way of treatment for many health conditions provided it is performed in precise manner by a skilled professional. Therapeutic massage is a technique to make pressure on specific points in the body and has more to do with skeletal as well as muscular system. Thus, a therapist should be conversant with body anatomy and function of various body systems. Some parts of body can tolerate deep pressure, but some need to be pressed gently. So, there are varied pressure techniques in this type of body massage the knowledge of which is must for a professional therapist.