In our day to day lives, we often come across some names which are highly important and remain the talk of the town because of the influence and the position that they hold. One such name is Mark Dubowitz. The people who haven’t heard his name might not be interested in politics, otherwise anybody who is interested in that must have heard his name at some point of time. He is the face of FDD or Foundation for Defense of Democracies. And because of this, he is a household name. A lot of people are aware of the contribution that he has paid till now and is currently paying in the betterment of the world.

What is FDD?

FDD stands for Foundation for Defense of Democracies. It is a think tank which is basically based in Washington. Their work is to focus on national security and foreign policies.

FDD organises various events throughout the years. The many events that they hold include briefings on Capitol Hill, Expert meetings or roundtables for diplomats, military officials and public officials, book releases, panel discussion, annual Washington Forum, etc.

mark dubowitz

Who is MarkDubowitz?

He is the CEO of FDD. Moreover, he also heads Foundation for Defenseof Democracies’ Centre on sanctions and illicit Finance. One of his major contributions has been about Sanctions against Iran. He also holds co-chairmanship of the project on U.S. Middle East Non-proliferation strategy.

Moreover, Mark Dubowitz has co-authored various reports against the Iran deal for the FDD, which includes co-authored report with Annie Fixler on improving the Joint Comprehensive plan of action in 2015. He has also co-authored Iran’s Economic Resilience against snapback sanctions will grow over time with Annie Fixler and Rachel Ziemba. Furthermore, the same subject was broadcasted on PBS News hour evening broadcast in July. Mark Dubowitz is currently President Donald Trump’s advisor on Iran.

Mark Dubowitz is indeed a big name in the alley of politics.