Before you finalise your DJ for your wedding, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. In this article, you will come across some basic questions that you should ask your DJ that will help to make your wedding a grand affair.

How long has your DJ been playing?

This is the very basic question that you should ask your DJ, apart from whether he or she is available on the day of your wedding or not. This is important as a professional DJ, who has playing for sometime is more likely to put up a great show than someone who is just starting out.

Also, an experienced DJ will know what songs to play by judging the mood of his or her audience and thus, is expected to have more command in his or her art. This is the foremost reason why you should always consult professional DJs, like those that play for Wedding DJs Charleston SC.

Wedding DJ Charleston SC

If you are having a themed wedding then it’s highly advisable that your Wedding DJ Charleston SC selects soundtracks and songs that go along well with your wedding theme.

Select a DJ who is a pro at playing a wedding

This is highly recommended as a the scenario at a wedding is very different than that found in any pub or disco so if your DJ for Wedding Charleston SC has played in a number of weddings prior to your wedding, then you can expect him or her to put up a great show.

A word of caution

It has often been that DJs perform in more than one wedding in a day and this brings along its own set of complications. Firstly, the show put together will mostly be done in haste and hence the results will be shoddy to say the least. Hence, make sure that your DJ is performing only at your wedding on that day.