A person wants to move into another land where his estimated date of arrival is within two weeks and he possesses no knowledge as to what is required along with his documentations to make him eligible for residence in other land for not more than 3 months. The presence of the time with him does not support him at all for he does not even possess the information as to how he can move into another land. Considering if he takes not more than 3 days to get to know the things required for the entire procedure, he shall still be left with 9 days to address his issues. Now, he has got two different choices that make him eligible to enter the nation of Australia.

Either he can apply for the AU visa which surely takes much more time, or he can wait for his Australia ETA application to get acknowledged and approved from www eta immi gov au, the department that allots electronic travel authority certificates to the people who want to undertake travel into their lands for not more than 3 months. The procedure for applying the eta application is entirely online, and therefore there is nothing that prevents the person from getting the certificate at ease.

All he has to do is just make sure that all the information and details required in the form are correctly filled so that no discrepancy in the data can bar him to enter the land. If there is nay discrepancy found in the data, then it is sorry situation for the applicant as he will have to enter the form again from the scratch. Therefore, a person with such a situation can successfully make himself eligible to undertake travel into Australian nation without having much to be feel troubled up about. Only he has to do is apply for Australia ETA.