Having sex is not one of the major things but having sex differently and exploring a lot of postures with your partner can cure sexual dysfunction issues. Mentioned below are some of the ways to have sex differently.

  1. Try it in the bathroom

When your spouse is bathing, you can slowly slide the door and slither inside without their knowledge and let yourself under the shower along with them. Rub your hands slowly on your partners back and stomach and then slide it politely as you enjoy them completely in the water. This can be one of the most different ways of having sex says hardbe.com.

  1. A private swimming pool

Are you the owner of a private swimming pool? Have you ever tried having a glass of wine while you are in the water along with your partner making love to them in the cold water? This can actually steam up the entire situation and can make it the best ways to explore sex.

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  1. Kitchen

Is your spouse cooking and are you tired of longing to grab them by their waist and run you hands down that tender breasts hiding underneath an apron. Yes, kitchen platform can be the best places to have some sizzling hot sex while your meal is getting cooked say hardbe.

  1. Couch

One of the most causal ways of having sex can be on a couch while you are watching some romantic movie together. This can actually light up the entire thing and can make it more romantic.

  1. Office table

Are you tired of working and is your body craving for some relaxation? Call your spouse to your office and get in between her legs and enjoy some real fun.

  1. Garden area

Amidst the lush green carpet or a lawn, just imagine yourself with your partner lying and making love to each other? Isn’t it a great thing to do?