Have you come across the next generation enterprise messaging applications yet? If you are a company owner, you should definitely give it a thought.Gone are the days, when you would chat regarding sensitive company information on consumer grade messaging applications. With changing times, employees have become more competitive and information is used as a tool for degrading one another.

Industries That Badly Need Mattermost

As per records, this is one of the best companies in the market offering enterprise grade messaging solutions.The legal firms and CA firms, that deal with vulnerable information related to finances is highly sensitive. That is why, it is very important to install such 21st century enterprise grade application systems.

Next in line, is the Healthcare sector. Till date, this industry is using consumer standard messaging and file sharing applications. Mediclaim is an important part of this industry. Many situations arise at the last minute, when documents need to be shared between doctors and Mediclaim companies. The release of funds in cashless Mediclaim is mainly preferred by consumers. In order to remain efficient in a highly competitive market, installing such solutions has become mandatory.

matter most blog

The latest version on mattermost blog

Please visit the blog created by the company to get a bird’s view of Mattermost 5.1. It has great features including, GIF selectors, auto plugins, subpath support, CSV support and many more. mattermost.com/blog/ is the place to be for all information on this enterprise grade messaging application.

What is this GIF feature anyway?

Basically, it is way to add a human touch to the conversation. There are various categories like happy, sad, cry, angry, frustrated, dizzy, asleep and so on. It is similar to other consumer grade messaging solutions.

Companies are even giving options to download and get a free trial. What more could you ask for?