Ceme is a game which is more or less like 99 domino game with a major difference that it is played with just two cards. Ceme is an Indonesian game which is played using Domino cards or bones.  These domino cards are different from playing cards. They are 28 in number and the value of card depends on the number of spheres present on the card. It is a kind of gambling. It’s an interesting game. Nowadays , gambling/ judi online is very much possible.

Basic rules for playing Ceme

This game can be played by 2-8 players. One player has to play as a dealer. Having dealer is compulsory, without dealer game is not possible. Once the cards are distributed then all members see their cards. With the completion of peeping of cards, all the players along with dealer will show their cards to other players. Player with the highest value will win the game and gets the bet money.

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Calculation of domino card is quite simple. It involves addition of the number of spheres present on both the cards. Minimum value possible is 0 and the maximum is 9. Well the twist of the game is only in the calculation of points. In cases where the total number of spheres comes out to be more than 9, then the points are counted by subtracting value of the cards from 10 and if the total of spheres is more than 19 than the points are calculated by subtracting card value from 20, etc.. There are various sites available on net where player can play ceme online as well that too with real money.

Declaring winner of the game

Once the value of cards are calculated for all the players, than the value player’s cards is compared with the dealer’s card value. Whosoever has higher value is the winner of the game. If both have same value, than dealer will be the winner. In case, where a player gets cue (9), the dealer will have to pay two times value of the bet placed by player and in case where dealer gets a cue then dealer will receive money from all the players.

To play this simple and cute game online player has to just login on any of the situs judi online, get registration and start playing.