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Ceme- A poker game using just two cards

Ceme is a game which is more or less like 99 domino game with a major difference that it is played with just two cards. Ceme is an Indonesian game which is played using Domino cards or bones.  These domino cards are different from playing cards. They are 28 in number and the value of card depends on the number of spheres present on the card. It is a kind of gambling. It’s an interesting game. Nowadays , gambling/ judi online is very much possible.

Basic rules for playing Ceme

This game can be played by 2-8 players. One player has to play as a dealer. Having dealer is compulsory, without dealer game is not possible. Once the cards are distributed then all members see their cards. With the completion of peeping of cards, all the players along with dealer will show their cards to other players. Player with the highest value will win the game and gets the bet money.

judi online

Calculation of domino card is quite simple. It involves addition of the number of spheres present on both the cards. Minimum value possible is 0 and the maximum is 9. Well the twist of the game is only in the calculation of points. In cases where the total number of spheres comes out to be more than 9, then the points are counted by subtracting value of the cards from 10 and if the total of spheres is more than 19 than the points are calculated by subtracting card value from 20, etc.. There are various sites available on net where player can play ceme online as well that too with real money.

Declaring winner of the game

Once the value of cards are calculated for all the players, than the value player’s cards is compared with the dealer’s card value. Whosoever has higher value is the winner of the game. If both have same value, than dealer will be the winner. In case, where a player gets cue (9), the dealer will have to pay two times value of the bet placed by player and in case where dealer gets a cue then dealer will receive money from all the players.

To play this simple and cute game online player has to just login on any of the situs judi online, get registration and start playing.

Qualities of a person who sells luxury watches

There are certain qualities of people who are into sales of luxury watches like Rolex replica watches and these people need to have certain qualities when they are into sales of these Breitling replica watches.

Below mentioned are some of the traits of people who are into sales of Panerai replica watches. Let us quickly go ahead and check some of the traits of these people who are into the sales of these watches.

  • Customer service

Of course, customer service is one of the first and foremost things that would be the priority of people who are into sales of the luxury watches and these people would always go an extra mile to help their customers in answering every query efficiently.

Breitling replica watches

  • Product knowledge

People who are into selling of these luxury watches would understand the product completely and these people would be able to help their customer understand every detail about the product that you are looking for and you would be able to gather all the details on these watches because of these sales people.

  • Accurate information

People who are into the sales of these luxury watches would be able to help you with accurate information on every product that their store has and they would never judge their customers at all. These people at these showrooms would be able to understand the customers thoroughly and they would also help their customer to choose the right product quickly.


  • Pleasant demeanor

Sales people are meant to make sales of watches and they should have a lot of patience and they would also deal with their customers with complete happiness and enthusiasm.

These are some of the major qualities of people who are into the sales of these luxury watches and this would be evident when you meet them.


Know All About Ford Parts Before Replacing Them in Your Car!

Most people around the world are acquainted with Ford cars. Since 1903, this company has been producing one quality car after the other. In over a century of car production, it has acquired millions of customers. Not just cars, it also has a range of highly successful trucks, tractors and even buses. Throughout, Ford has seen its share of highs and lows but has always been a renowned name in the industry.

Just like their cars, Ford parts are also equally in demand. Owing to the fine performance of cars, most people choose to change some parts instead of replacing the whole thing.

Ford parts:

Cars manufactured by Ford are perhaps most popular on a global scale. Thus parts of these cars are also more easily available than others. A car typically has around 25 parts. These include- valves, power packs, crankshafts, cylinder heads, pistons, gaskets, superchargers to name a few. The Ford Company has its authorisedsection where you can get these parts.

ford parts

How to get them:

There are two ways to get the partsof your car. Either, you can order for it online from the company’s official site. Or, you can find the nearest distributor dealing in Ford parts and get it from them.

Like with all other cars, you must make some standard checks before buying the parts. Make sure that they are genuine. Match the part with the exact year and model of your car to avoid mismatch. If the engines are not compatible, then the performance of your car might be compromised in the long run.

Keep in mind-

If you are getting a used part for your car, make sure that the dealer is genuine. Even though there are numerous dealers across the country, dealing Ford parts, go for one that has the maximum experience and reputation. Good luck finding the best parts for your car!

All You Need To Know About Steam Wallet Codes

When it comes to gaming, very few people can indulge in it without knowing about the father of all gaming platforms out there i.e. Steam. What Steam provides is an unique and fresh experience, all packed in a single package for everyone to see.
And because of its popoularity, it is the means for doing anything remotely related to gaming. Even buying games can be done through this platform. And one aspect which helps to make that experience even easier is the steam wallet codes.

What Are They?

Basically, there is a virtual wallet system in Steam where you can spend real life money to gain virtual currency. You can gain such currency from other means as well. For instance, you can use free steam wallet codes to add some amount of money to your pocket, using which you can buy some games for yourself.
There are other methods of gaining money as well, like selling trading cards, coupons and things like that. However, these wallet codes are without question the most efficient method of doing so, which is why people are so obsessed with them to begin with.

Steam Code Generators

This is where code generators come in. Just like keygen generators, there are steam code generators as well which do what they exactly sound like. There are tons of unique unused steam codes in these softwares which can be utilised by you to get more in-Steam currency.
And the best part about a steam wallet code generator is that it is completely free, or atleast the ones which are genuine are like that. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive AAA titles on a regular basis. So do some hard research (because they are not easy to find) and get redeeming some steam codes today.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying an Eczema Cream

There are a number of people in America who suffer from eczema.  In order to prevent eczema it is very important for an individual to keep his or her skin moisturized. The outermost layer of the skin is protected with the help of a moisturizer. The upper layers of the skin get damaged in people who are suffering from eczema.

 This makes their skin highly sensitive to irritants, bacteria and allergens. Since the upper part of the skin gets damaged so the skin is unable to retain moisture. This leads to itchy or chronic dry skin.

When one is choosing an eczema cream, there are certain important things that one needs to keep in mind.One can go through the points given below to understand it better:

natural shampoo

  • Should contain hydrating gel

The cream should not be similar to a petroleum jelly. It should rather contain certain lubricants as well as hydrating gels. These gels help in treating the skin suffering from eczema.

  • Choose the cream that will not increase the skin irritation

There are certain creams that are free from fragrance and certain other creams that are unscented. Choose the cream that will not irritate your skin. It has been observed that the moisturizers which are fragrance free do not have a harmful effect on the skin. So try to keep this in mind when buying a skin moisturizer.

  • But authorized products

Whether you buy creams to treat your damaged skin or buy natural shampoo it should have a seal of acceptance. These products will have a good effect on your skin.

Whether one buys an organic lip balm or any other product, he or she should buy it from a reputed store. This will ensure the product is of an exceptionally high quality. These products will definitely proof beneficial for an individual.

Snapchat & Sexting Are Corrupting Young Immature Brains

Internet technology has brought revolution in many different fields but promoted some socially rejected activities which took the millennial generation in its severe grip. Snapchat and sexting that emerged in early 21st century have become usual things among present generation, especially in the teens.


Snapchat and sexting

Snapchat was launched in September 2011 which is multimedia mobile application of image messaging and one of the main concepts of this application is that images and messages appear for short duration and then vanish away. Initially, this service was meant for private, individual-to-individual picture sharing, which included short videos and video chat, but now this has become an open thing. The study was conducted on this issue and it was found that Snapchat users were mainly millennials such as children born between 1982 and 2002. The nature of this application was not restricted to just picture sharing and messaging, but promoted sexting which is exchanging or forwarding sexually explicit messages, pictures or videos through mobile phones. Sexting, as the name indicates, is a blend of sex and texting which means messaging to exploit sexual arousal. It can be considered as a form of sexual activity or pornography. Excessive use of smartphones by the millennial generation is one of the factors responsible for the growth of snapchat and sexting.

Snapchat and texting impact

There are websites where free snapchat and sexting services can be availed by the users. One such site is kiksnapme.com, but there are many other sites like this site. These sites are diverting brains of immatured generation towards sex exploitations which has resulted in increase in the rape crimes and teen pregnancies, but legal system is keeping mum on this issue. The snapchat and sexting like activities are on the rise and new websites are promoting them for their own benefit, but corrupting brains of young generation through sexually explicit materials which need to be restricted before it is too late.

Demise of Defined Benefit and Shift to Defined Contribution

Gone were the days when an employee would be honored with wristwatch or gift vouchers for his long time service with the company, later the trend changed with the concept of introducing defined benefits plan in which the employee was quite benefited still the investment funds were uncertain and the income was not fairly dependable. So it starts losing its fade in the recent years because the life was not manageable for retired people. The number of defined benefit plans sponsored by largest companies or organization has started to decline.

Firms are moving towards Defined Contribution

When compared to defined contribution vs defined benefit, defined contribution replace the old model pension scheme of defined benefit due to number of benefits like (i) ease of administration (ii) less taxation charges (iii) Predictable outcomes upon retirement (iv) both the employer and the employee are satisfied and more happy (v) flexibility in change the plans.


Defined Contribution Health Plans

A company’s defined contribution health plan are very important and an attractive compensation a company offers its employees.  Defined contribution getting popular among firms due to rising costs of the health care. Majority of small businesses work with private health care companies, however they make benefit payments to the market place. Individuals who are heading for retirement can have the better understanding when you read this site   https://candor.insurance/blog/defined-contribution-health-plans-great-deal-small-businesses/ and also gain a better insight of which plans are more beneficial and how to plan well for the future.

Summing it up

The most common reason for defined benefit to dwindle is when the employer has longer life span, it eventually increased the benefit cost and at the same time decrease the corporate tolerance. However the entire scenario is rather not a happy ending for employees because many employees are dependent on the employer funded plans so they no longer will be benefited.

Why E-Cigaret Is Unsuccessful In Making People Quit Smoking?

Due to inevitable terminal diseases and to avoid the shortcomings of costly lung clearing procedures people have sought ways to quit smoking. Some of the methods cannot be deemed as quitting because people have switched to substitutes of actual smoking. The E-cigaret are one of such innovation has caught the eye of the curious and has climbed up the market charts in recent times as it is being sought by many as a viable substitute for tobacco cigarettes.

What are the main setbacks of E-Cigaret?

People fail to understand the fact that electronic cigarettes are nothing but an alternative to tobacco. There are many other products that have been tried and tested over the years but the urge to have a smoke remains the same among people. Even with the advent of these new products, tobacco consumption is on the rise.

It is another addition in the list of one’s urge to give up smoking. One of the common complaints is the ability of such practices to backfire strangely. It has been reported in certain cases that an e-cigaretter has urged the smokers to return to smoking tobacco with rekindled fervour. This problem has been reported for all the replacement options listed under the category.

Hence it might not be as successful a formula as it was deemed to be and as it had appeared to chain smokers from the onset of its arrival in the market.  Obviously we know that willpower is the only way to get rid addictions that have been troubling one’s health. Without the support of willpower, even replacement policies fall apart very soon and appear to have only a temporary deal for avoiding the clutches of smoking.

It only delays the inevitable rather than destroying it.  One needs to understand that having an adequate supply ofecigs at e-væske might help for a short time, but on the long run it will have to the willpower of a person that should come in between one’s health and addictions.

Using a Clash of Clans Hack to Make Things Easier

As a mobile game, very few others will see as much success as Clash of Clans has in the past few years. Its business model is definitely something to go by and most free-to-play games follow that model. However, from a player’s point of view, it can get very costly if you want to get everything unlocked instantaneously.

So keeping that in mind, you can probably understand why a lot of people resort to using a Clash of Clans hack free for their accounts. So can you too do the same thing and speed up the progression system to your liking? That is exactly what we are here to find out.

What It is

Before progressing any further, the first thing that you need to understand is such hacks are basically nothing but a piece of computer code. They are written by other people who too want the same thing as you. As such, in most cases, you may need to spend a small amount of money to get the said software. After all, why would they give you their hard work for free?

Clash of Clans hack free

That is not to say that there aren’tClash of Clans free gems generators which are not completely free of cost. Of course, there are. All it really takes is some hard done research in order to find them. So do make sure you do that.

How to Get

Basically, if you want to get such a Clash of Clans gems hackfor yourself, you will need to use your online searching skills to do so. This applies for pretty much every software out there on the internet. If you are dedicated enough to do some deep research, there is no doubt that you will be able to find proper working software that is capable of giving you all the resources that you need.

A detailed discussion about supplements

Supplements Canada cannot be used as a replacement for the normal diet of a person. They can be used as a supplement to the meal of an individual. These supplements include herbs, vitamins, amino acids and other essential ingredients and find its application in human dietary. Products like glucosmart are referred as supplements.

national nutrition

Clinical results of these supplements

These supplements are not clinically tested neither do their manufacturing process monitored that tightly. Though trial of few of them have proven to increases healthy lifespan of a consumer. Some people believe that supplements can deal with issues like muscle building, weight losing, defeat stress, look younger and eliminate wrinkles and boost activities performed. These are some commitments mentioned on the label of the supplements. But the fact is unclear whether these supplements can keep up to these demands. There is no perfect claim that these supplements can surely turn an unhealthy diet into a good one.

Some important points that are recommended to follow about supplements

  • According to national nutrition, these supplements can create wonders but is not meant to replace the normal diet of a person. Its main function is to replace gaps in nutrition in a human diet. Hence one should never skip meals for supplements as they do not have the values of all nutrients the body needs.
  • Generally, people living a normal life prefers not to take supplements but manages to get the required nutrients and vitamins by following a balanced diet. They eat healthy and whole food to stay active.
  • Diet of a healthy person normally includes nutrients, minerals, and most important vitamins. These are required by the body for proper functioning.
  • Some people do prefer supplements but consuming them for a long time in huge quantity can be harmful. People are at times recommended to have a certain supplement in certain quantity in such cases there can be exceptions.

Facts and figures regarding the essay writers available online

In present times there are several essay service writers available online and not all provide the same quality of work. Only the best ones will have customer care executives available 24 hours to assist clients with the phone, email or chat. There will be options provided by them from where clients can check the position of the essay, stage till where it has been written. There is provision for updating the requirement even after submission of the brief form.

essay service

Ways of operation of essay writer services

Most of the myessayserviceswriter services provide a discount to their new customers. This policy is followed to attract new clients. Price varies with the deadline. Any project that has a longer time limit is less costly than a project t which is a high priority. A client will receive quotes separately for his or her project in particular. The writers generally offer a wide range of services that help clients to order different types of project to the same writer service.

About the team of writers in a writer service

My essay services writer services generally have a good team of writers as well as a decent team of support executives. The essay writers service guarantees client of confidentiality as this is the backbone of this industry. On top of this, they cannot have copyright issues. Any article a writer writes becomes the client’s property as soon as they deliver the work to their clients. For client satisfaction, Essay writer services provide their client with the option of editing their writings or rephrasing them if required. Students for whom essay writing is like a nightmare now can get it done by professional writers within no time. There are writers who have a wide range of experience in academic writing as well as all other types of writing.


Try the dating apps for companionship!

Companionship is something that each one of us is seeking. Scrolling through the social networking websites or even seeing your friends happy with a partner in life – you are bound to wonder about your happiness had you been into a relationship too. But finding the right mate to talk to, feel like companionship and above all share chemistry is not easy. And therefore the dating apps today are for the rescue to make you search for your partner in the best way possible.

dating apps

Dating app is making companionship easier

The new age dating appis all about choosing to talk to a lot of single men and women through an online forum. These dating apps are specially designed with a purpose to share interests, have a good conversation and also know a lot about the other person. Therefore as soon as you log in there is a need to create a profile with your details so that you can be a prospect to others too. With a range of profiles which can be filtered according to your choices – the idea remains to serve you with some of the profiles which your interests match with and are also suitable to you according to your city or area. These apps have made it easier to know the person, talk, look at their picture and then meet the person.

Free apps for dating!

Of course when it comes to having chat through an online portal you would not like to pay for the features and just enjoy the usage of it. The dating chat here is free of cost allowing you to spend as much time as you need with the person and also try on as many people you are interested so as to pick that one person who you think is good for you!

Mark Dubowitz : The face of FDD

In our day to day lives, we often come across some names which are highly important and remain the talk of the town because of the influence and the position that they hold. One such name is Mark Dubowitz. The people who haven’t heard his name might not be interested in politics, otherwise anybody who is interested in that must have heard his name at some point of time. He is the face of FDD or Foundation for Defense of Democracies. And because of this, he is a household name. A lot of people are aware of the contribution that he has paid till now and is currently paying in the betterment of the world.

What is FDD?

FDD stands for Foundation for Defense of Democracies. It is a think tank which is basically based in Washington. Their work is to focus on national security and foreign policies.

FDD organises various events throughout the years. The many events that they hold include briefings on Capitol Hill, Expert meetings or roundtables for diplomats, military officials and public officials, book releases, panel discussion, annual Washington Forum, etc.

mark dubowitz

Who is MarkDubowitz?

He is the CEO of FDD. Moreover, he also heads Foundation for Defenseof Democracies’ Centre on sanctions and illicit Finance. One of his major contributions has been about Sanctions against Iran. He also holds co-chairmanship of the project on U.S. Middle East Non-proliferation strategy.

Moreover, Mark Dubowitz has co-authored various reports against the Iran deal for the FDD, which includes co-authored report with Annie Fixler on improving the Joint Comprehensive plan of action in 2015. He has also co-authored Iran’s Economic Resilience against snapback sanctions will grow over time with Annie Fixler and Rachel Ziemba. Furthermore, the same subject was broadcasted on PBS News hour evening broadcast in July. Mark Dubowitz is currently President Donald Trump’s advisor on Iran.

Mark Dubowitz is indeed a big name in the alley of politics.


Explain in detail mitosis

During the cell cycle, an important part is mitosis. In mitosis, the chromosomes are replicated and there are two new nuclei that are formed. The mitosis is preceeded by interphase stage S. This is the stage during which the DNA gets replicated and this stage often is also accompanied by cytokinesis. At times, the stage can be followed by cytokinesis. In Cytokinesis, the components of the cell such as the cytoplasm, the cell chromosome and the organelles are divided into two new cells and the amount of components which each receives is roughly equal. Together mitosis as well as cytokinesis form what is known as the Mitotic phase.



The process of mitosis has various stages. The stages are based on the completion of certain activities. The various stages are the prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase as well as telophase. During this the chromosomes which already are duplicated, are then condensed and attached to fibers which are spindle like and the chromosomes are pulled to the ends of the cell by these. The resultant effect is that two daughter cells are created which are identical to each other. The cell contents then continues to divide and two complete working daughter cells are then created.


When instead of two, three daughter cells are created, or in some cases more than 3 daughter cells are created, then this is known as a mitotic error and this is also known as tripolar mitosis or in cases of more than 3, multipolar mitosis. This causes programmed cell death or it is the cause of mutations being formed. Some kinds of cancer are a result of such mutations.

Cells which do not have a nucleus when they divide it is called as binary fission and this is a method of reproduction. There are open mitosis and closed mitosis which occur as well.

Is Pubg Hacks Bringing an End To the Gaming World?

Gaming has come a long way from its initial days. There was a time when gaming used to be fun and entertaining. All the players had their own thoughts and views. Then gaming went to the next level where there was professionalism to it and it become intense. However with professionalism the fun facts went out of the window.

The invention of pubg hacks:

Along with the professionalism of gaming came the almighty hacks. Pubg hacks took over gaming minds. Transparency and dignity vanished from the gaming world at an alarming speed. All the interesting aspects of gaming have been dismissed. The only thing that remains is winning at any cost.

pubg aimbot

Everyone loves to win but winning with cheats is not what gaming is meant for. Without failures there is no success and cheats do not guarantee success. With the invention of pubg aimbot hack, people can shoot at the sky and have an opponent dead at once. What’s the point of playing without any creativity?

Gone are the days when there used to be long hours and sessions of planning put into winning a game. Now all you need to do is start shooting and winning. Gaming will never be the same again. However what remains to be seen are that will there be an end to hacking or not?

Once you start using a pubg hack you are no longer the same gamer. You might feel the extra power and feel more comfortable but that is when a sense of boredom creeps into your mind. You play games to find some relaxation.

When you no longer relax and you find gaming monotonous that is when your world of gaming comes to an end. At the moment the use of hacks and cheats is bringing the gaming world closer to its inevitable end.

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