The 2012 study by the American Diabetes Association revealed that more than 30 million people in the U.S.A. are suffering from diabetes mellitus. The disease which was earlier considered banning the elderly has now grasped most of the middle-aged people.

According to an article published in the Washington Post, more than 70 percent of diabetic patients are in their thirties.

One suffering from diabetes reads a plethora of articles online for suggestions. But, very few people know that there are big diabetes lies which can reverse the effects of diabetes within a couple of weeks.

Based on some big diabetes lie reviews, there are few preventive measures to control Type-2 diabetes at a very early stage.

  1. Cut the carbohydrate intake of your diet

Carbohydrates are broken down into small glucose or sugar molecules which increases the blood sugar level. To compensate for this action, the pancreas produces more and more insulin to bring down the blood sugar to a healthy level.

As one grows older, this condition eventually leads to Type-2 diabetes.

  1. Physical activity

A recent study suggests that a minimum of 90 minutes physical activity reduces the chances of developing Type-2 diabetes by 28 percent. Also, mild aerobic exercises increase the insulin sensitivity more than 50 percent.

  1. Water – the primary beverage

To discharge high level of glucose in the blood, the kidney tries to pass it out through urine. This process requires an ample quantity of water. Hence, if one remains hydrated, he or she has fewer chances of developing Type-2 diabetes.

  1. Consume healthy fats

More consumption of unsaturated fat initiates ketosis; a process in which fat helps in reducing fats. In this way, one can also lessen his or her chances of diabetes.

The big diabetes lie reviews lay emphasis on consumption of omega-3 fats found in fish.

  1. Less stress

Last but not the least, mental stress increases the blood sugar level. Especially in Type-2 diabetes, stress hormones boost the blood sugar level.

So take care of all the above-mentioned precautions according to the reviews of big diabetes lie and lead a diabetes-free life!