If you are someone who wants to get it shape, then apart from following the 3 week diet, you also should know about the primary reasons as to why people become overweight in the first place so that you can avoid getting fat again.

Eating tons of junk food

The most common cause for obesity is eating good amounts of processed and junk foods regularly and over a long span of time. This can easily be prevented if you simply quench your hunger pangs by having good, home cooked food and not give in to temptations.

Apart from this, you also keep what you eat in check. For example, if you do not perform strenuous activity and your job involves you to have a more sedentary lifestyle, then it does not make sense for you to have a diet that is high on calories as these extra calories will not get burnt and utilised but instead get stored inside your body as body fats.

the 3 week diet

The best way to know what to eat and what not to is by following a good diet, like 3 week diet.

Bad eating habits

It has been seen that if you are having your meals after long gaps of say 6 7 hours, then you are more susceptible to become fat. This happens because when you eat after a long gap, you have a tendency of eating more than is required, which ultimately results in body fat.

Ideally speaking, you should eat around 4 to 5 small meals throughout the day in order to avoid hunger pangs and over eating. You should also learn to avoid certain types of foods that are rich in saturated fatty acids.

Lack of proper sleep

If you sleep less, then you have a feeling of being hungry at all times and as such, end up eating more than what is needed. It is the same case when you are depressed. All these problems can be avoided by reading the 3 week diet review, ordering the book for yourself and sticking to your diet.